Challenge. Predict. Win.

Yoyo Market is a player-versus-player prediction market.

Enabling all Telegram users to engage with prediction markets in a simplified, fun and engaging way.

Challenge PvP

The crypto market is a PvP market, so why should the dApps be any different?

Multiplayer pools

More people, more fun. Create pools where anyone can join in on the prediction.

Bet with ETH

Effortlessly predict with ETH. We'll also add the community's favourite tokens.

Why Yoyo Market is different.

We've crafted an in-house Telegram web app, simplifying price predictions to just a few taps.

Pari-mutuel mechanism

Winners share the total pool, minus fees, according to their individual wagers.

Prioritizing user experience

We're making the bot experience visual, with a web-app accessible right from within Telegram.


Predict any crypto token price on any chain. We use price data from the leading DEX’s plus Chainlink price feeds.


Seamlessly switch between your mobile phone and desktop app.

Straight-forward price predictions.

Starting with Yoyo Market is easy. Just a few taps and you're in, ready to create pools, challenge friends, or check your wallet balance. It's instant crypto price prediction in the palm of your hand.

Find and predict any crypto price

Discover tokens to predict, and create a pool or challenge within minutes. You can find a token by ticker or contract address.

What to expect.

Yoyo Market is gearing up for its MVP release, and we got a lot of cool stuff lined up for the post-launch phase.

Phase one
* Yoyo Wallet
* PvP challenges
* Multiplayer pools
* Chainlink price feeds
Phase two
* PnL screenshots
* Competitions
* Leaderboards
Phase three
* Referral system
* Predict real world events
* Platforms expansion
* Going beyond Telegram with a PWA

Easily buy $YOYO

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Starting with Yoyo is easy.

Register with our bot to start playing today.